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EJ Saunders Is A Seasoned Digital Marketing Expert And The Founder And CEO Of Blaze Digital Solutions, a Marketing Firm Specializing In The Outdoor Industry. As An Author, He’s Known For “The Antiseasonal Framework” And “The 5-Level Framework To Achieve A 300% Return In 90 Days Or Less”, Which Have Been Instrumental In Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns. A Certified Partner With DigitalMarketer, EJ Is A Sought-After Speaker, With Appearances On Platforms Like Entrepreneur.com And At Events Including The Archery Trade Association. His Passion For Mentoring Others, Coupled With His Love For Adventure And Family, Underscores His Mission To Inspire And Help Others Reach Their Potential.

About Me

EJ helps businesses achieve exponential growth and high return on investment by utilizing innovative marketing strategies
EJ Saunders is an accomplished digital marketing executive, celebrated author, and entrepreneurial spirit at the helm of Blaze Digital Solutions, a bolt-on marketing team renowned for propelling growth in the outdoor industry, especially within the hunting and fishing sectors. His marketing prowess is evident in the creation and execution of profitable digital ad experiences across platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads. For EJ, marketing extends beyond the simple promotion of a product or service; it’s about fostering relationships and maximizing value for both his clients and their customers. EJ has made a significant impact in the world of digital marketing with his innovative frameworks. He is the author and creator of “The Antiseasonal Framework – How to Annualize Your Marketing to 2X Sales in the Outdoor Industry” and “The 5-Level Framework to Achieve a 300% Return in 90 Days or Less”. These strategies have revolutionized how businesses approach and implement their marketing campaigns, leading to exponential growth and high return on investment. In addition to his accomplishments, EJ is a certified partner with DigitalMarketer, reinforcing his expertise and reputation in the industry. He is also a sought-after speaker who has shared his insights and experiences on prestigious platforms such as Entrepreneur.com and DigitalMarketer.com, as well as at notable events including the Archery Trade Association and the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. Away from his professional obligations, EJ is a devoted family man with a passion for the great outd

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    Digital ads are the backbone of any proactive marketing strategy and with the right strategy can ensure predictable growth for your company.


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There’s no question that Social Media has exploded in the past few years. And while it isn’t the sole reason for success, there is a direct correlation between the performance of a company and the size of their social media presence.


In the digital era, a professionally designed and well-maintained website is the foundation of a successful online presence. Why is mobile optimization important?

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