Crafting the Perfect Customer Avatar & Core Messaging

Hello, EJ Saunders here! Today, we’re diving into a topic close to my heart: Understanding and connecting with your outdoor business customers. Borrowing insights from my book “The Antiseasonal Framework – Redefining the Seasons: Your Guide to Doubling Revenue in Outdoor Business,” let’s break down creating a winning customer strategy.

Customer Avatar Canvas
customer avatar canvas

The DigitalMarketer’s Avatar Canvas: A Multi-dimensional View of Your Customer

Every outdoor business needs to know its ideal customer inside out. The DigitalMarketer’s Avatar Canvas does just that. This roadmap to your customer’s mind captures both demographic elements (like age, location, and occupation) and psychographic elements, including pain points, goals, and aspirations.

Imagine a company, XYZ Outdoors. Their ideal customer might be professionals aged 25-45 from US states abundant in natural parks. They’re into sustainability and quality gear. Their challenges? The environmental implications of their gear and the overwhelming choices in the market.

By understanding each facet of your customer avatar, your marketing strategy can resonate more, whether attracting newbies, retaining loyalists, or wooing past clients.

From Customer Avatar to Core Messaging: The ‘Before and After Grid’

With your ideal customer in focus, how do you then speak their language? Enter the “Before and After Grid”. This tool captures the transformation a customer seeks.

The grid comprises:

  • Have: The tangible items your customer has before and after your product.
  • Feel: Their emotional state shift post-purchase.
  • Average Day: The transformation in their daily routine.
  • Status: Their societal elevation due to your product.
  • Good vs Evil: The ‘villains’ your product addresses.

Let’s revisit XYZ Outdoors. Pre-purchase, a customer might have subpar gear and feel apprehensive about gear longevity. They could spend hours researching gear. Post-purchase, they sport a durable tent and exude gear confidence, with more outdoor exploration. Their societal standing? From camping newbie to seasoned outdoors enthusiast. And the Good vs Evil? XYZ’s eco-friendly, durable gear versus environmental degradation.

In Conclusion

Harness the DigitalMarketer’s Avatar Canvas and the Before and After Grid, and outdoor industry businesses can tailor precise, resonant messages. When you deeply understand your customer – their dreams, challenges, and desired transformations – you set the stage for compelling offers that not just attract, but convert.

Outdoor business owners, how have you reshaped your perception of your customers? Let’s chat! Comment below or explore for more insights.

Keep CRUSHING it 🔥🔥,


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